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CoachinU Assessment

A simple yet powerful framework of CoachinU assessment helps you discover your interpersonal skills you need as a coach to maximise your impact on your coachee.

A coach has several roles to perform. His objective is to help individuals expand themselves to be able to think creatively and move "outside the box" in order to create impact in their work, performance, and life.

Before he can effectively coach others, he needs to be aware of his own strengths, dilemmas and blind- spots. Knowing the strengths as well as blind spots help manage the coaching relationship effectively.

About CoachinU Assessment

CoachinU Assessment is a versatile assessment that provides the foundation for a deep understanding of individual coaching style.
CoachinU Assessment measures 8 Essential skills of a coach and provides you with your personalized report. It’s 15 minutes online assessment that provides insights on current level of skills, capitalize on your strengths, target areas for further development, and plan action steps to become an effective coach.