Chasing the Dreams and Beating the Odds

There are women who aspire to have a great career and there are women who have either given up or never had a dream to reach out to the big role. Many of us are happy to step back and raise kids sacrificing our career; many didn’t have an option. Many didn’t know they had it in them and many never got a chance to prove it.

This blog is focused on those who still want to and can make it happen.

Have you ever thought how did some of the world’s most powerful women manage to progress in their careers while also enjoying life outside work?

I have 8 tips how you can thrive in your career too.

  1. Conquer your fears –We are surrounded by fears like – am I being a good mother, can I maintain work-life balance, what about promotion – all of these feelings just lead to lack of confidence and feeling of inadequacy. Start believing in yourself, start believing in the fact that Indra Nooyi (CEO Pepsi Co) or Kiran Mazumdar Shaw (Chairman and Managing Director of Biocon) is not born with any super natural powers. And yes they have families too. Wear your confidence every day. With some effort and planning all these challenges can be easily managed
  2. Believe in yourself– Understand your potential, your abilities and embrace your “u ness”. Reject the idea that a man can only be the bread winner. I know our society looks down upon men who choose to manage home while the woman takes care of the finances. But what’s the big deal. Your next step is to be your own role model and compete for your better self. Read a personal effectiveness book or join a program, but know yourself.
  3. Don’t be too tough on yourself– That self guilt of indulging in things we love; ignoring our pre-defined priorities once in a while is needed. Don’t try and fit everything in 24hrs of each day. You can’t be perfect on both aspects: career or home, don’t fret if you missed a birthday party with your child. Use time management tools to plan how to prioritize and classify between URGENT and IMPORTANT.
  4. Find a Mentor– It’s very vital, find your go to person, a trusted advisor who can help you shape your perspective. Someone who can share their wisdom and experiences and listen to your stories, someone you can seek advice and ask questions.
  5. Spend time with yourself– 24/7 plugged in culture, it’s important to have time for self-introspection. Meditate or take a walk or sit back and relax yourself with a good read – seek moments to be with yourself. Save yourself from the burn out. Pursue your hobby.
  6. If you “want it”, go for it– Don’t let someone “Stop you”: If you want something you have all the right to “want it”. But beware; because you are a woman you would be questioned more often on your abilities. Don’t be afraid to fail and learn, be afraid of not trying at all. This one is hard to follow – but don’t let criticism get you down.
  7. Take Risk– Life is not a fairy tale, let me tell you, growth and comfort don’t go hand in hand. Don’t chicken out to stretch a few muscles. Go for the opportunity, ask for raise, and negotiate. Be courageous enough to ask for what you want and be confident enough that you deserve to ask for it.
  8. Power of Networking – Don’t have to go to every networking event, but when you do make time for it make sure you are going in with a goal, knowing exactly who will be there and who you want to talk to, and spending time introducing yourself to others, rather than just listening to the speaker and taking off immediately afterwards.

Great careers are not a legacy, take ownership of your achievements, development and ambition. There is no limit to what you can accomplish. And remember if you do it well, it will encourage women around you to believe that they can do it too. Let’s create our own pathway for leadership.

Addicted to Success? Follow these 20 rules that will make you highly successful as an Entrepreneur

Most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who are most motivated – Sounds Correct?

Well, Maybe Yes –In our view, it is a mixture of habits and action coupled with motivation and passion which will make you successful. I am fascinated with the habits that affect happiness, health, productivity, and success and would want you to make them your guiding rules for a successful career.

Rule#1: Be Generous: Research have shown that spending money on your team/staff leads to greater well-being and happiness at the workplace than spending it on yourself

Rule#2: Ask More questions: Asking questions is the single most important habit for innovative thinkers, so ask as many questions till the time you are satisfied

Rule#4: Smile: The simple act of smiling reduces stress and increases happiness, even if you’re faking or forcing the smile. Putting on a happy face actually makes you happier. So next time even if you are up against a difficult situation – Just Smile!

Rule#5: Define success with happiness and not the dollar amount: The simple act of smiling reduces stress and increases happiness, even if you’re faking or forcing the smile. Putting on a happy face actually makes you happier. So next time even if you are up against a difficult situation – Just Smile!

Rule#6: Read & Read Well: Reading at the start of the day for 30 minutes will get the creative juices flowing; will get the brain stimulated and your knowledge base growing.

Rule#7: To Do List: Create one each day and stick by it. It will keep the work happening in a flow and also get it completed.

Rule#8: Measure Everything: “If You cannot measure – You cannot improve” So measure each and every activity around. Measure each Goal which you have set for yourself.

Rule#9: 90 Minutes Session: Researchers have proven that the human mind is at best during the first 90 minutes of the work session. Focus for 90-minutes, take an active break, then get back to the beautiful grind.

Rule#10: Family Comes First: You need to be working for a greater purpose than your own monitory gain if you’re going to accomplish true success. After all whom would you celebrate your success with if there is no “family”.

Rule#11: Sleep for 8 hours every day: Everyone knows and understands the importance of 8 hours of sleep each day, but we don’t follow it due to work pressures. Please do not ignore this as it is a must to have to be effective and productive the next day.

Rule#12: Wake Up Early: You pick any leader in history, 99% of time you will find him as a early riser. This is not a coincidence – Start your day early and get a head start to your day and your dream.

Rule#13: White Board: Keep your goals, dreams visible on a white board.

Rule#14: Dreams are to be shared: Get in the habit of talking to your teams about the goals which you have set and the dreams you see for your organization. It will keep them motivated and they will understand your vision better.

Rule #15: Get Company of successful people: You will get positive vibes along with brilliant ideas which I am sure you don’t want to miss.

Rule#16:  Exercise: This is the single most important thing you would want to do to be highly productive.

Rule#17:  Write down 3 things you’re thankful for every day:  “If you concentrate on what you have, you’ll always have more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you’ll never have enough.”

Rule#19: Spend of things which will help your dreams:  Cars, “things”, are only good for boosting your image in an effort to impress people who you really don’t want to impress. Spend money, instead, on your own development and your business to fuel your growth.

Rule#20: Say “No” more often:  When you are not convinced – Say a ‘No’. When you don’t know – Say a ‘No’. Be straight forward in speaking out your mind. It helps!

These are simple yet life changing habits – Turn them into the rules of your life and there’s no way that you wouldn’t be successful. Make your success unavoidable by changing your habits.

8 inspiring women share how to face the tide and sail smoothly

Have you ever thought how did some women manage to progress in their careers while also enjoying life outside of work? They are also leading their part in the same male dominated society as the rest of us. What’s their secret to effectively climb the ladder of success? We asked 8 successful women leaders how did they deal with challenges to accomplish what they have. What’s their advice to women who wish to do something which matters out of their lives? Here’s what they had to say:

1. Be ready to play too many parts – Deepshikha Kumar, Founder andSlide1 CEO, SpeakIn