Experiential Bootcamp; To Become Investor Ready

Not Just Mentoring BUT Real ACTION to get Early Start -Ups Investor Ready 

LeaderinU launched the “L.I.F.E. Bootcamp & Investor Day” in collaboration with leading organizations in the Startup ecosystem. The L.I.F.E. Bootcamp & Investor Day is dedicated to drive early stage start-ups to be investor ready through action based training and experience sharing discussions with industry experts and serial entrepreneurs. It brings together industry experts, investors and entrepreneurs to share the best practices, address challenges and to facilitate a great platform to invest in scalable early startups to boost their growth and nurture them.The Program included the following: 

1. L.I.F.E. program screened and selected a group of 15 entrepreneurs to join the L.I.F.E. Bootcamp & Investor Day held on 18-20 April, 2017 in New Delhi. 

2. The Program was designed specifically for early stage startups striving to achieve solid, sustainable levels of growth with the right kind of investments. 

3. The bootcamp comprised of first 2 days dedicated to action based learning where they were refining and enchanting their business model and preparing to pitch in front of the investors.

4. The bootcamp’s approach offered an action-based process where participants were continuously learning and acting throughout the entire 3 days. It helped participants to refine important strategic aspects of their business model and tactical actions to create powerful pitch decks for the investors.  

5. With 2 interactive, experience sharing round table sessions with the industry experts, serial entrepreneurs and investors. 

Niraj (Participant – Co-founder at Elderly Camp) adds, “I have been to a lot of workshops but there is more of story telling about what you have to do but how you have to do, how you really can get it done is not explained. That was the aspect, which came here, and I loved it. This workshop is perfect for startups and budding entrepreneurs.”

6. Roundtable sessions held were covering real important matters for entrepreneurs such as: from market entry to customer segmentation, roadmap from fundraising to exit, from idea to execution challenge and how entrepreneurs can lead their companies from idea to series B. In addition to a session on experience sharing with serial entrepreneurs and how & what should early stage startups look at. 

7. On the 3-day, they pitched in front of the panel of investors – Indian Angel Network, Kae Capital, NASSCOM 10000 Startups, and Ah Ventures. Digvijay Singh (Investor Panel – VP, IndianAngelNetwork) stated, “Bootcamp was good, indeed! We shortlisted 4 deals to get into deeper due diligence at IAN.

 The objective of the bootcamp is to extend the reach of leading investment firms by providing access to high-growth early startup with growth potential. 

The event has attracted 100+ early stage entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and business leaders. 15 startups were shortlisted for the bootcamp and 12 startups were selected to pitch their business on stage in front of the investors and 4 Startups were selected for the next round of discussions for investments.

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  1. Really a very good and educational camp it was.Got the Investor prospective too,what they are looking for in a particular Startup.Looking forward for some of such an experience.The LIFE team too,was great.Thanks for everything.

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