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Entrepreneurship – A Visionary Process

History has been witness, great changes have been led by individuals who had a vision, and were able to communicate that vision to others. They were able to perceive changes, such as technological advances, with a view to the future, and the new skills that needed to be developed to deal with it.

Entrepreneurship by the way it is structured is a process of envisioning something for future, sticking by it and going all out to achieve what was sought in the beginning. We can also call the entrepreneur as a visionary, someone who envisions an idea; who envisions challenges which might come enroute to achievement of his goals and also the changes which will happen to external environment in the future and will directly impact his ability to meet his goals.

A Visionary leadership style is most effective when an organization needs a new and clear direction to follow.  The visionary leader is able to share their view of the future, allowing followers to understand how they play an important role in that future state. By doing so, the followers become committed to making that vision come true.

Let’s go a step deeper and understand a few of the key characteristics of visionary leadership:-

Visionary leaders know how to communicate

A visionary leader has excellent communication skills. They know how to verbalize their dreams and goals and can explain them to their team. For them communication isn’t just one-sided. As more people “catch the vision,” leaders listen to their ideas and thoughts, incorporating them into the larger goal.

Visionary leaders are ‘chief in command’

Visionary leaders can be called as chief organizers. While many leaders have managers that manage the processes, these leaders often set up the organization by establishing key departments or functions. As the organizer-in-chief, the visionary directs, develops and conducts meetings until reliable help is found. During the initial organization, a leader will take the time build a solid foundation through establishing boards, councils or a company hierarchy.

Visionary leaders possess extraordinary gut

Visionaries often possess the ability to see things with their mind’s eye often long before others. This might include certain observations that unlock the secret to understanding the natural world, trends that are still in their infancy stage (or that haven’t even begun yet), or the possibilities of new inventions, discoveries, products, or even new social or historical movements.

Visionary Leaders are Strategic Planner

Visionary leaders are strategic planners. Like a chess player, these leaders plan ahead to make the best business moves. Strategic planning involves creating an action plan with a particular strategy in mind. The leader’s vision defines what the organization will look like in the future and how it will function.

Visionary leaders have the quality of persistence

Visionary leaders have dreams that are larger and more difficult than average persons, and thus an extraordinary degree of persistence is required.

Visionary leaders must possess the quality or attribute of resolution. A consistent push allows the visionary to push through all difficulties, including the opposition of others, bad fortune, insufficient resources, or dead-ends.

Visionary leaders are receptive to new information

While someone who starts with an entrepreneurial journey has very strong conviction about his product and ways and means to achieve his goals, a visionary leader would have unusually large degree of openness to new information. They are constantly searching for new avenues, models, etc as they understand that each new piece of information might get them an answer to questions they have been pondering over for ages.

Leadership development programs and executive leadership training programs are really helpful in making you start your entrepreneurial journey and become a visionary leader.


Visionary leaders are hard to find, but they share many common characteristics.  It is important for each of the entrepreneurs to develop a vision, it’s even more important that their leadership is visionary. It helps provide direction to the organization, it is believed by one and all, and most importantly it motivates everyone around.

‘It’s not work to follow a vision — it’s joy.’