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Understand your Coaching skills

In today’s demanding business environment, leaders have limited time and energy for their own development as leaders.

Executive Coaching is an effective way to develop executive level skills, development and growth needs which impact the entire organization. It provides a confidential sounding board for the leader who want to review sensitive issues, such as their leadership and management style, or the effectiveness of their relationships with some of their key stakeholders – clients, team members, colleagues and customers, or adapt their communication style to be more effective - and explore the potential impact on business results.

It is creative process to help leaders get from where they are to where they dream to be and support them to design the transformation their want to see in their lives. It is built upon listening, empowerment, support, commitment and action.

At Leader in U, coaching is customized to the needs as an individual leader in the context of their role and organization, and delivered to professionally accredited standards.

We have five key focus areas:
  • Senior Management Coaching
  • Women leadership Coaching
  • Top Talent Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • First Time Manager Coaching