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Hasina Dilawari

Hasina Magic Kitchen


My name is hasina dilawari, I am originally from Afghanistan and a permanent resident of New zealand. I want to tell you why I chose the magic name for my kitchen and my bussiness.firstly, I believe in magic because our life is full of magic events.

I was displaced from my own home and homeland due to an unwanted and unpleasant happening in a short period of time 24+6hours to a place neither I believe going there nor to be happy stay there.

After spending 1 year and 6 months I arrived to a place I did not dream about in my whole life. I have started to do the job that I wanted the most in the past but unfortunately I could not be able to do that because of some reasons.

All these bad and good things together made me to do that. Now can you tell me what should I call my bussiness other than magic. Another, reason for choosing this name is that I have started travelling to different countries when I was 16 years old, I have eaten delicious food from different countries and all these tastes from different food come together and made my kitchen and my food magic, so it is not an accidental name, it is a reality.

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