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Anis Fathima Khanum

Desire 2 Design


I, Anis Fathima Khanum, originally from India. I came to New Zealand in 2015 with my two children to settle down with my husband.

I always had a passion for sewing, but couldn’t pursue due to my studies back in my country. I got more inspiration, when my daughter was born, I always wanted to make her dresses beautiful, I got my first sewing machine as a gift from my Husband, I was thrilled and excited to give it a try. When I came to New Zealand, I got a chance to learn sewing and my passion awoke.

The saying goes perfectly with me as “Where there is will, there is a way”, so I never stopped myself from following my passion. It seemed like my dream coming true and while learning I came with new discovery that I more enjoyed making dresses for kids.

I always love challenges and have been designing from the off-cut fabrics, this gives me a unique satisfactory, when a new design is created from a piece of fabric, giving a new shape and design.

Now I wanted something more and wanted to give my passion a new direction, but didn’t understand how? I got a chance to meet Juhee and attended her workshops and got a new direction for my passion.

Juhee has helped many people to make their dreams come true. Juhee motivates and helps all to look a Leader in ‘U’.  

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