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Kiwi Cocoon


My name is Shabana. I am an immigrant carry Pakistani passport. 3 years ago, I came in New Zealand. Though I felt little bored while sitting in home initially when arrived but soon explored  about the Wise project and started living.

So I joined the Wise project and there met with Ms.Juhee and started thinking about the idea to do something. I started sewing which I had already in my list of interests.

I found that there are already many people in sewing and alterations field.Then I decided to use my skill in a way which can be helpful to save the environment and be the part of plastic free,eco friendly campaign.

Now my idea is to make eco friendly, reuseable durable bags on affoardable prices which can replacethe plastic bags.Its the need of the day and are in high demand. In this way I  can be  the part to save the nature and be the part of better tomorrow.

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