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Sumera Sohail

Hot & Cook


My name is Sumera Sohail and my story is very simple but I want to make it special by changing the stereotypes of society that only son can take care of his family esprcially in our culture and society. 

I always want to do something special for my parents as they are sick and poor. But in past never got opportunity due to limitation of resources. Five years ago I came New Zealand with my husband and family and as usual got busy in my home and family responsibilities, I never thought that I will do any work in future. 

One day my one of close friend told me about community center and I saw there many women's do work and I got impressed and thought I should also start work. 

Fortunately, I attended workshop named as " Idea to Launch Workshop". Before this workshop I didn't know about anything about how to start home business. From this workshop I got so many ideas and I'm very thankful to Juhee. 

I can't work for full timebecause of my family as being a mother of three kids, but I want to build home for my parents and participate in their monthly expenditure so I started my own business. 


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